Paw Prints

September Service in Style

This year’s District-Wide Peace Poster Contest will be held at the November PSC meeting, November 3. Please have your entries there at 5pm to make time for judging and tallying scores.   This year’s Peace Poster theme is We Are in This Together. Kits are available through LCI until October 5. The kit contains a sticker that must be on the back very lower right corner. You do not need the kits to get started at this late date. You can contact Lion Barbara LeBoff, the Katy Peace Poster Chair 832-405-9932, if you have any questions about how the Peace Poster competition works.  Artists must be between 11 and 13 by November 15, 2021. Any school, public or private, or youth organization can participate.

Protect your Social Media: In the past year, at least a dozen leading Lions in our district have had their Facebook accounts compromised in some way. Please take a moment to review your security to ensure that your accounts are not susceptible to unscrupulous actors. Lion Carol Barnett of Katy's account was taken over back in August and both the name and photo were changed to that of a stunning looking African woman. While she now has regained control over her account, she is not able to have her Facebook name corrected until next month! Lion Syd Waldman of Houston Spring Branch's account was also compromised recently, and he too was able to regain control. PDG Rick Reynolds was not as lucky last spring and ended up having to make a completely new Facebook account.

These are savvy, awesome Lions. And purely because they're out in the world doing good, they were targeted. Please consider using two-factor authentication so that any time a new device tries to connect, it requires you to confirm a code that is sent to your phone via SMS (text). Doing so greatly increases the safety of your account, and therefore the integrity of the work that we do serving our communities.

DG Lisa prefers the term Leadership Team since leading the district is a team effort. Come out and support the team on September 25th. Learn about what it takes to make the district operate, and how your leadership team is making it easier for each and every club to serve with distinction and success.

Ever wonder what it takes to start a new club and get it going in the right direction? Are you looking to take your service to the next level and mentor a new club? Guiding Lions are assigned for a two-year term by the district governor in consultation with the sponsoring or established club president. Guiding Lions are limited to serving no more than two new clubs at any point in time. Guiding Lions assist a club to be successful in its first two years of operation. You don't have to serve as a Guiding Lion to take the course. The District recommends all leading Lions check it out since there's a lot of hugely valuable information available.

Huffman was the District 2-S2 Club of the Week for August 16th! Way to go. The Huffman Lions Club annual fundraiser places an American flag in a Huffman residents' yard or business six times throughout the year. They also continuously support the Huffman Food Pantry and Huffman ISD.

Please let everyone know that we've updated our Facebook URL. This page now matches our website (and everything else).

DG Lisa Free-Martin celebrated her birthday on August 20th, and we could not be happier she shared her amazing day with Lions District-wide! Thank you to the most amazing leader our District has seen since at least July 2021!

The Houston Lady Lions were honored as the August 23rd Club of the Week. The Houston Ladies are committed to serving their community. These awesome Lions are advocates for supporting other clubs too! HLL provided an opportunity to District 2-S2 where six clubs joined together to assist Joseph House Community Outreach (run by a leading Lion) organize and distribute donations. Houston Lady Lions are the epitome of Service from the Heart.

Mindful of the uptick in Delta-variant-related safety concerns, the Cut & Shoot Family Lions Club took the decision to reschedule their annual fundraising hoedown to March 2022. Anyone who already bought a ticket can reach out to the person who they purchased from and have the ticket either credited to the new date or reimbursed.

The Katy Lions Club was delighted to announce and even happier to host lifelong Houstonian Ed Gonzalez, the Harris County Sheriff, for an incredibly informative evening on September 2nd. If you missed the presentation, you can catch the recording from the Katy Lions' Website, or by pressing play on this video.

As DG Lisa has reminded us: specialty clubs are up. Our district is pleased to host the newest specialty club in the world in the Houston Headquarters National Veterans & Advocates Readiness Lions Club. District VA Chair Lion Lucy also announced at the September P&S that she is working with veterans in California to establish another veterans-oriented Lions club out there. Texan values world-wide!

The Leos of Texas are collecting aluminum can pop tabs until November 13th, with all money collected from the recycling going to benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities. This effort capitalizes on two pillars of Lionism: Environmental and Hunger. The aluminum from these cans avoid landfills, are recycled into new products, and the proceeds help feed and nurture children and families. Please reach out to Katy Lion Nancy Chesbro, the District (and Katy) Leos Advisor for more information at

What's happening in Zone I-1

(Cleveland, Crosby, Dayton Noon, Hardin, Huffman, Humble, Humble Noon, Kingwood, Liberty, and Twin Cities Lions Clubs)

Cleveland Lions Club

  • Held raffle ticket sale for vision fundraiser

  • +1 new member in August

  • Upcoming Zone Meeting & Elementary School Vision Screening

Crosby Lions Club

  • Held Crosby-Huffman CoC Annual New Educators Lunch in August

  • Dictionary Distribution to 3rd graders this month

Dayton Noon

  • Hosted the July zone meeting

  • Identified some new (and amazing) fundraisers coming soon

  • Started a By-Laws convention

  • Five DandeLION Contest Contenders

Huffman Lions Club

  • +1 new member

  • Food Bank donation & service project

  • Huffman-Hargrave ISD Meet & Greet

  • Fall Festival next month

Hardin Lions Club

  • IPDG Bonita and the whole club are enjoying the newest addition to their club (her grandson).

Humble Lions Club

  • Quietly serving the Humble Community

Humble Noon Lions Club

  • September Vision Screening collaboration event with Kingwood Lions Club at Kingwood Club

  • Hosted DG Lisa on July 8th

  • 6 individuals received August eye exams

Kingwood Lions Club

  • September Vision Screening collaboration event with Humble Noon Lions Club at Kingwood Club.

Liberty Lions Club

  • Hosted DG Lisa on August 30th

  • Annual Fall Festival September 10-12

  • Paid the scholarships awarded to Liberty HS Seniors from last FY.

Twin Cities Lions Club

  • Donated eyeglasses to the Conroe Processing Center in July

The Houston Kings of the Jungle Lions Club spearheaded the Veterans Trip to New Orleans ahead of Hurricane Ida. The trip to honor WWII Veterans didn't "just happen." Tons of planning, fundraisers, coordination, and travel time made this experience happen for our heroes. This won't be the last time you see posts like this so get involved! You can use your talents, time, or treasures to support our Veterans.

Humble Noon Lions were recognized with an award from the Texas Association of School Boards for standing up and supporting their local community schools. The adage of Where there's a need, there's a Lion is on display up in Humble.

Second Vice District Governor Neil Lander (no s, as he wants to remind everyone) was on hand for the installation of the new Klein Lions Club officers. If you've got an event happening in the District, you can better believe that Klein is going to share it with their club. These amazing Lions are huge advocates of other clubs' and they work tirelessly to make our district stronger.

The Houston Cy-Fair Lions and dozens of not-yet Lions volunteered to assemble over 5,000 bags of school supplies which were distributed to children in the Cy-Fair School District. When you come out to the Leadership Team (Cabinet) meeting on September 25th, drop them a huge congratulations for serving and being of service!

LCI President Doug Alexander Visits Texas Lions

Article Submitted to District 2-S2 for inclusion in our newsletter by Texas Lions Camp Board Treasurer Lion Ann Ward

Lions Clubs International President Douglas X. Alexander of Brooklyn, N.Y., visited Texas Lions during the first Council of Governors’ meetings Aug. 5-7 in Kerrville. It was one of the first official visits of his term, and he presented his first Presidential Awards during the weekend.

Alexander met with various councils, club presidents, a group of lady Lions and the Leos. He shared his story of joining Lions in 1984 to serve and actually becoming a Lion while delivering Thanksgiving food baskets to local families in need. In particular, he recalled the reaction of a mother who was so grateful for the delivery. “No one has ever done anything like this for my family. Thank you,” she told him. Alexander felt good about what he had done, and realized that his club’s service had changed the life of that family. His theme for this Lions year is “service from the heart,” something Alexander exemplifies.

During the Fellowship Banquet hosted by the Past District Governors of Texas Lions, Alexander emphasized service. “Service is who we are, what we do and why we exist,” he said. He encouraged clubs to report their service to LCI. “We serve 200 million people per year, and that’s with only 50 percent of clubs reporting,” he noted.

ID Ernesto “T. J.” Tijerina, left, and Stephen Mabry, right, president and CEO of Texas Lions Camp, welcomed LCI President Douglas X. Alexander to the chairman’s picnic at TLC.

LCI President Douglas X. Alexander, right, presented PIP Jimmy Ross, center, with a Presidential Medal. ID Ernesto “T. J.” Tijerina, is on the left.

Many of Alexander’s comments focused on membership. He pointed out that in the 64 clubs in his District 20-K1, 61 percent of the 2,100 Lions are women, and that women are fueling LCI’s growth globally. “We’ve been stuck at 1.4 million Lions for too long,” he said. “This is the year to change that number. We want quality members. Happy Lions don’t leave,” he added. He encouraged clubs to give “Lions an opportunity to serve the public and our association.” He said that when someone says they are “too busy,” the club needs to “sign them up,” because “busy people get things done.”

Noting that Leos are “our now and our future leaders,” Alexander reported that less than 10 percent of Leos become Lions. “They don’t feel like they are a part of us,” he said. “Leos know technology,” he added and urged Lions to “keep young people involved in your club and involved with LCI.” He reported that Lions Clubs International Foundation has created a Leo pin, which costs $20, and he urged everyone to purchase a pin for a Leo.

In addition to membership, Alexander is focused on reaching the $300 million goal for Campaign 100 which concludes on June 30, 2022. As of August, LCIF has raised $217 million worldwide. “We still need $83 million to reach our goal. I know we can do it. We have to work harder these last 11 months,” Alexander said.

A third area of vital importance to Alexander is communication. “We’ve got to get better at communication with each other. We need to share what we learn at Zone meetings, and inform clubs about LFIC and grants.” He encouraged attendance at the Lions USA/Canada Forum. “It’s the best education you’ll get,” he said.

He continued, “We have to do a better job telling our story, and we have a beautiful story.” Lions have continued to serve despite COVID. Many clubs have provided meals to first responders and hospital caregivers. Some clubs have purchased personal protective equipment for health care workers, and others have purchased ambulances or ambulance cleaning equipment for their communities.

“We don’t always see the impact of our service on people’s lives immediately. But we do change lives,” he said. He encouraged Texas Lions to ask themselves, “What did I do to make a difference in others’ lives?” He added, “See the wonderful work you’re doing, and let it encourage you.”

Alexander, who has visited Texas several times previously, said he enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones.

During his visit hosted by the Past District Governors of Texas Lions, Alexander used the opportunity to meet with various groups of Lions as well as attend the Texas Lions Camp Chairman’s Picnic on Aug. 6 and the TLC Annual Board Meeting on Aug. 7, which included a guided tour of the camp. “I enjoyed seeing the camp in 2013 with PDG J.P. Kirksey, and today with PID Mike Butler, seeing the improvements and learning about the construction underway,” Alexander said.

During the TLC Breakfast/Annual Meeting, Alexander presented his first Presidential Medal to PCC Ray Hughston of Brownville for his “outstanding service to LCI and in appreciation for your hard work and compassionate service.” The second Presidential Medal was presented to Texas Lions Camp President and CEO Stephen Mabry.

During the Friendship Banquet, Presidential Medals were awarded to PID Mike Butler, PID Joe Al Picone, PID Sam Lindsey and PIP Jimmy Ross.

International Presidential Certificates of Appreciation were presented to Lion Sandy Meeker, PDG Keith Perrine, DG Jean Cobb and PDG Bill Smothermon.

Kent Basinger, left, 2020-21 chairman of the TLC Board, welcomed LCI President Douglas Z. Alexander to the Breakfast/Annual Meeting at TLC.

As part of their 33rd Annual Wildflower Festival in November, The Woodlands Lions launched an art contest. Entries should portray a nature scene and are due by September 30th. For more information, visit The Woodlands Lions Club's Facebook page.

Conroe Noon does service right (now we just need to help them report that service and our District will be the top serving District in the state). For their August Service Saturday Project, the Conroe Noon Lions Club assisted the local Community Assistance Center with painting, caulking, and drainage of their facilities. Their next Service Saturday Project will be on September 18th helping Sleep in Heavenly Peace build beds for local children. If you're ever looking for something to do, check out MyLion or the District pages for more volunteer opportunities like this one.

The Katy Lions Club was the August 30th Club of the Week for District 2-S2! Katy and other community partners recognized and respected local Veterans on September 11th. Starting at 10 am, the local VFW had a recognition event. The picnic itself was moved back and was held from 1 pm to 5 pm (a different time than shown on the original flier).

The Klein Lions Fish Fry is being held this Saturday, September 18th from 10:30 am until 2:30 pm. The Klein Lions have been fishing every weekend for weeks and are selling their homemade hush puppies, beans, and of course amazing fried fish via socially distanced Drive-thru. This annual fundraiser helps Klein ISD students and the community.

In case you've been living under Pride Rock the whole summer, Lions of District 2-S2 will be gathering on January 21st and 22nd at Margaritaville Lake Resort up in Lake Conroe for our annual Mid-Winter Conference. Entertainment includes a beach themed party and live island music. If you've never been, there are seminars, classes, and an ambitious four service projects happening this weekend. You also don't want to miss dressing up for the fantastic Bob Dowden Dinner.

Humble Noon Lions joined with other clubs and hosted a Vision Screening service project for young children going into their new school ear on September 5th. Project SEE CLEARLY is a national vision screening campaign to help clear the national backlog of the 25 million children aged 6 months through early grade school who have gone for nearly two years without basic vision screening due to the pandemic.

To help offset the costs of the New Orleans Veterans Memorial trip undertaken by the Houston Kings of the Jungle, they hosted a fantastic raffle fundraiser. From the photos of the event, the money has definitely gone to a worthy cause.

For the 2020-2021 Lions Year, Houston Unity led the district in the number of people served. They're looking to keep the title this year with activities like preparing meals and helping to provide needed donations to Hurrican Ida evacuees.

Tomball Lions donated $500 to Moving Waters, a non-profit that offers mobile showers for unhoused individuals in our area. A clean, hot shower is often the first step to regaining one's dignity and is a big first step in preparing for a better future.

Every year, the Katy Lions collect thousands of toys to donate to the young cancer-fighting children at Texas Children's Hospital 's West Campus. Starting November 1st, we're doing it again. If you're a business owner, would you be willing to host a collection box in your location? We'll be making an interactive map as well as producing flyers promoting the drop-off locations. Reach out to if you're interested in learning more or hosting a collection box. We greatly appreciate it!

Lions are probably known best for our laser focus (pun intended) on vision care. Your donation of used glasses at any of our 40+ donation drop-off sites throughout Katy are taken up to the Conroe processing center where they're professionally cleaned and then distributed to needy children and families. We want you to help us serve! Visit for an interactive map of all of our drop-sites. District Vision Chair Lion Inge Merle is working on a district-wide interactive map, so if your club picks up glasses, please get her your locations list.

How much do you know about the Lions Club Tail Twister? Check out this absolutely amazing resource originally developed by Lion Bruce Beck from Palisade, MN which the Katy Lions Club has formatted onto their website for easy reading. The job of the Tail Twister is a lot harder than most people think, so check it out. What do you think could or should be added to this resource? Are there any games you've seen at meetings that would be good additions to the list here?

Montgomery Lions Club & Lake Conroe Centennial Lions Club are hosting a Chili Cook-off benefiting the Texas Lions Camp. Come up to Breakwater Grille 13109 Melville Dr. Montgomery TX 9 am to 1 pm for a great day and even greater eats!

Kids Christmas Gift Drive: Ebony Jennings & Mayra Soriano from Community Youth Services will be at the PSC meeting on November 3rd with gift idea cards for you to pick up. Then at the December 1st PSC Meeting, Ebony & Mayra will be there to greet and collect all purchased gifts. These gifts must be unwrapped. We would also appreciate donated gift bags & paper rolls. Gift cards are also accepted. No cash or checks can be accepted.

Children are the future, and Huntsville Lions put that belief into practical service with their donations to Huntsville ISD's social services team. Families in need can work with the social services team to plug the challenging and often overlooked holes between what is available to them and what they actually need for their children to succeed.

If you've never been to one of Montgomery Lions Clubs' Charity Bingo nights, we'd say you are missing out, but that would just be a tragic understatement. Take a look at the District calendar, and come on up to the next one! Montgomery also held their annual fundraising roadblocks which allow them to exceed at much of the service they do each and every week.

The Tomball Lions Club's 31st Annual Gold Tournament, "Strokes Helping Folks," will be held October 14th at the High Meadow Ranch Golf Club. 37300 Golf Club Trail in Magnolia, Texas. This exceptional golf outing benefits the Tomball Lions Clubs' designated charities in the Tomball Community. If you're interested, find the Tomball Lions Club on Facebook or reach out to

Dandelion Award. Sponsor 2 new members by December 1. Perfect attendance. Bring a non-Lion to a Club Meeting. Register for Lions University and take 2 courses. Register for Mid Winter Conference by October 31. Attend 2 President and Secretary Council Meetings. Post why you became a lion on social media, tag Lions 2-S2, and 10 non-lion friends. Participate in 3 lions service projects. Visit another club's meeting. Be in good standing with dues on December 1. Club president to maintain and submit results to the DG.

Dandelion Award. Sponsor 2 new members by December 1. Perfect attendance. Bring a non-Lion to a Club Meeting. Register for Lions University and take 2 courses. Register for Mid Winter Conference by October 31. Attend 2 President and Secretary Council Meetings. Post why you became a lion on social media, tag Lions 2-S2, and 10 non-lion friends. Participate in 3 lions service projects. Visit another club's meeting. Be in good standing with dues on December 1. Club president to maintain and submit results to the DG.

The P&S Council Meeting is once again being held at China Bear Buffet next month. We're optimistic that we will have the Zoom connection sorted out by October 6th.

Join the Conroe Noon Lions Club for their annual Clay Shoot benefiting the Conroe Noon Lions Club Charities. Saturday October 9th at Blackwood Gun Club. Contact their club office for more details, 936-760-1666.

July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 (IPDG Bonita Davis' year)

July 1, 2020 to September 6 (so far this year)

Report everything your club does to maximize your club's impact record and help the District be the top-serving in the State. Check out the numbers in MyLion. Why it matters: when LCIF is looking to dole out grant money, or we're applying for recovery grants, for humanitarian support, really any time we're talking money, or asking for anything, having the numbers to back it up matters. Without the numbers, without the service record, other clubs and districts that have put their activities into MyLion are much higher up on the priority list. This matters at a club level, too! If you ever need help or want to know how to record your service for maximum impact, reach out to GST Chair Lion Marla Reynolds and she'll happily spend time working with you!

The Houston Ladies are at it again, inducting 5 of their 6 new Lions (woo!) and rocking out at Joseph House, where they're giving away hundreds of meal kits!

Humble Noon Lions supported Pages Blanket Drive by donating 120 blankets, bridging the cap to the tune of 8% of the organization's total target of 1500 blankets.

Houston Kings of the Jungle's VP Lion Hector Giron received a proclamation from City of Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, proclaiming August 27th as the greatest generation trip day in Houston, TX! Congratulations on a successful trip!

The Cut and Shoot Family Lions Club postponed their Hoedown and Auction. What's a club to do with all these unsold baskets? Auction them off on Facebook! Check out the auctions from their Facebook page.

Huntsville Lions do up their community in the red white and blue 13 times a year down parts of 11th St., Same Houston Ave., and around the square. If you haven't seen it, you really need to take a drive down these very patriotic roads.

The September 2021 issue of the Paw Prints Newsletter, the long-running source for District news in 2-S2, was collated by Katy Lion David Greene and Cut & Shoot Family Lion Kayla Argueta. Every month, we collect articles from the District via email and on Facebook. If you'd like to see your club featured in the newsletter next month, please make sure to email on or before October 10th. That's the deadline for the October 15th issue of the newsletter.

Editor's Note: Last month, we received a request from a visually impaired Lion who uses a screen reader. She asked us to include alternate text for the images to make the newsletter more accessible. As Knights for the Blind, we took that request to heart and would like to encourage everyone who uses social media to also include descriptions whenever posting images. When reading our newsletter, please always take the time to reach out and let us know how we're doing and what you would like to see more of. Together, we'll keep making this newsletter more exceptional! -Lion David