Be Kind in July!

Published July 16, 2021. Submissions for August 15th's issue should be sent to by August 10th.

District Training Sweepstakes

District 2-S2 Club Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers,

I'm sending the attached document with instructions for accessing online training that the District is requesting all Presidents, Vice Presidents (using the President learning path material), Secretaries and Treasurers to complete. The training should not take long to complete and offers the ability to start and stop as needed. If you have any questions please let me know, but unfortunately I will not be able to assist with login information for the referenced Lions Learning Center. Any requests for help there, will need to be made using the Forgot Login ID, Forgot Password or Register links in that referenced section of the document.

The courses are designed for use with a computer, but should work on a tablet as well. While you are most likely able to login from a phone, I would not recommend using it for the training due to the restrictions the small screen would cause.

All District 2-S2 Club Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers that complete the online training by the end of July 31 will be entered in a sweepstakes for a $20 restaurant gift card, with 3 winners selected from those that complete all the modules for their office's Learning Path.

This email is being sent to all Club Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers for action to complete online training (if not completed already) as specified in MyLCI. This email is also being sent to the District Governor team, Region Chairpersons and Zone Chairpersons for informational purposes.

Thanks for your time in reading this message,

PDG Chris Moorman

District 2-S2 Global Leadership Team Coordinator

Cleveland Club

  • Will be assisting Trinity River Food Bank on Tuesday, 13 July. Could use help from other Zone Clubs.

  • Planning to do a Community Assessment

  • Currently running Raffle Tickets for Vision fundraiser

Crosby Club

  • Planning to attend Crosby-Huffman CoC Annual New Educators lunch in August.

Baytown Lions Club awarded a Melvin Jones Fellowship to Lion Harvey M. Oyler III

Dayton Noon

  • Received 501(c)3 designation

  • Planning annual fundraisers – pancake supper, chili supper, and spaghetti dinner.

Huffman Club

  • Gave out eight $1000 scholarships to graduates from Huffman-Hargrave HS

  • Planning for annual First Reader Books for Kindergarten students in fall.

  • Have Meet & Greet with Huffman-Hargrave School District planned for August 8th

Humble Noon Club

  • Held Film Festival fundraiser on 26 June.

  • DG visit held on 8 July

Kingwood Club

  • Arranging service dog for teenager in Porter

2018 move over here come 2021 stay under for new staff pictures as camp opens tomorrow

Have you gone fishin' for new members yet? Don't forget to check out DG Lisa's District Goals and help your club do their part.

While this isn't strictly for our District or State, it's a great way to learn about the global impact that Lions have world wide. Global Action Team (GAT) from OSEAL English Speaking Areas bring you the GAT New Year Get-together (GAT NYGT 2.0) to celebrate the starting of fiscal year 2021-2022. Register at We will have great speakers to speak on various topic including our International President 2021-2022 to deliver the Presidential message, success stories sharing. Other activities includes announcement of GAT Award winners and Kahoot Quiz session. See you!

Lisa's Message from June 2021

As a new Lions year approaches, I am in awe of the opportunities that lie ahead for our organization. The team of Lions that have stepped up to leadership roles at the District level continue to amaze me each day. Their solid commitment to find solutions and their dedication to the grassroots Lions show why they were identified as leaders. They are all about the “I can…We will” philosophy of 2021-22 knowing that they have been empowered, are being heard and can make a difference.

This past weekend, the Leadership Team gathered for their final official training before the July 1 beginning of the new Lions year. There was such a feeling of togetherness and excitement in the air. The abundant sharing of information was heart warming and connections were made that will last a lifetime. The participants left full of knowledge that will allow them to better serve each and every Lion of District 2-S2.

Although 2021-22 may look and feel different than other years in Lionism – it really is exactly the same as every other. It is community minded men and women looking for ways to serve others. As Lions, we have the opportunity to touch so many lives ever day. Don’t miss an opportunity. An Unknown Author wrote “If you want to touch the past, touch a rock. If you want to touch the present, touch a flower. If you want to touch the future, touch a life.” As Lions we are afforded, more than most, the ability to touch the future.

The new year stands before us like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. Our goals and direction are clear. The characters are set. This is not chapter 1 nor the final chapter in the Lions District 2-S2 book, however, after its written and read, I hope it adds an important piece to the story along with a smile to your face by knowing that each and every one of you are represented on the pages.

Editor's Note: Since we did not publish a newsletter in June, I thought it was appropriate that this be included in the July issue. -Lion David

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