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It's a Jimmy Buffet January

Bob Dowden Dinner benefitting Texas Lions Camp is on Saturday, January 22, 2022, at Margaritaville! Join us for dinner, dancing, auctions, music, and FUN!

Don't forget to register for Family Camp! Registration opened on January 3, 2022. You don't want to miss it! Check out the session dates. To learn more about TLC-4-Family, visit

Six boards have sold out this year. Our final board will be drawn at the MidWinter Conference on January 22, 2022. Let me know if you want to buy a square for $10 and a chance for a Melvin Jones Fellowship - or Progressive!!

Past Winners

- VDG Neil Lander, 1st Cabinet meeting

-PDG Christine Boyea Greenwood, 2nd Cabinet meeting

-PDG Micheal Gibbs, 1st Hurricane Ida Relief board

-Lion Ladoris Cates, 2nd Hurricane Ida Relief board

-Lion Jane Johnson, 3rd Caninet Meeting - TODAY

The February 2021 freeze was a lesson many of us do not want to repeat, however, we all learned many things and the key is to BE PREPARED.

Here are a few tips to keep in your back pocket IF we do see a forecast for another freeze here in 2-S2.

  • For freezing conditions and loss of power, locate your personal water shut off valve. The valve is usually located outside your home or somewhere between the house and water meter. If your home does not have one, contact a plumber for installation. If you do have a personal shut off valve, check it now to make sure it is operational.

  • When extended freezing temperatures are forecasted, turn off the shut off valve and open faucets to drain water from the lines that are in the wall and ceiling. Turn faucets back off so when the lines defrost, the running water will not flood the house if you are not home.

  • If you need to turn off the water, first fill a bathtub to use for flushing toilets and fill pitchers, jugs, etc. for drinking water.

  • If you do not lose power and you are at home, open cabinet doors to help heat the pipes in the walls. It is not advised to leave faucets dripping as this can cause a loss of water pressure throughout your city. It is best to turn off water and drain the pipes before they freeze.

  • Protect your irrigation system by turning off the shut off valve on the vacuum breaker and drain the water.

  • Remove water hoses, wrap faucets with insulated covers or towels and then secure with plastic.

The theme for the 2022 parade is ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve,’ which highlights the value of education in our world. Depicted in the photo on the right is our float entitled “Quest for Kindness.”


Lions first displayed a float in the 1948 Rose Parade. Since 1992 Lions Clubs International has continuously presented a float in the New Year's Day Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California. The parade is viewed by an estimated 400 million people in 85 countries around the world. The production price for the Lions float is a tiny fraction of the cost of purchasing television advertising of this magnitude. It serves as a message to the world that Lions are people who serve others.

Each year LCI's President and 1st Lady ride the float in the parade. Television commentary will once again highlight Lions' service and note the presence of these special units. There will also be four additional places on the float allowing seating for those who choose to purchase a "Ride of Your Life" Package.

Charter and Entrance Fees Waived Through June 30, 2022

To help ensure that clubs are able to meet the growing needs in our communities, the International Board of Directors has extended the current charter and entrance fees waiver through June 30, 2022. Every member matters to our service, so share the joy of being a Lion.

1/25 (Tues) Klein Lions Membership Meeting (Spring Creek BBQ) presided by Klein Lions President Lynn Harrison

Speaker: Susan Rasch, the District Executive for the Boy Scouts for the Spring & Klein area

1/29 (Sat) Zone 1 is hosting a zone wide service project with the Trinity River Food Bank

1/29 (Sat) Houston Royal Oaks Lions club will have a Domestic Violence Event, 3-6pm

Jan. 2, 2022 Bais Negros Oriental, Philippines

Houston Royal Oaks Lion Grace Ediza Virlouvet of Lions District 2-S2 MD2 Texas USA and Team of volunteers gave out some relief goods “ayuda” to our brothers and sisters who were greatly affected by typhoon Odette. A big shoutout to HROLC Lion Ellen Manangan Payne for her additional donation, that were added to make a total of 100 food packs that were distributed among the families in need.

Lion Grace with other volunteers made a trip to Baranggay Sab-ahan , Bais City, Negros Oriental, one of the places that have not received any donation after the devastation of Odette. There were landslides along the way and the roads have just been cleared 2 days ago . We are thankful they arrived safely and fulfilled the mission to serve. Donations are still accepted for the immediate needs and long term programs planned to help the survivors rise up from the devastation caused by the typhoon.

Our commitment to help and provide immediate relief to survivors continue. There are many ways you can help. You may zelle the donation to Memo: Disaster Relief and / or be an active part of our Disaster Relief Operation TEAM . Please email or reach us at or text Lion Grace Burgos HROLC Disaster Relief Operations Coordinator @ (713) 584-3497

and we will be happy to get back with you

SAVE THE DATE! Conroe Noon's Legend of the Lion Dinner/Dance & Auction Mardi Gras is on Thursday, February 24, 2022. Let's let the good times ROAR! Stay tune, more information coming soon.

The 2022 Lions Eye Bank of Texas PDG Ronald Landers Memorial Bowl-A-Thon is right around the corner. If you haven't signed up, there is still time to & also to receive a shirt. You don't have to be a Lion to form a team. Come join the Lions of District 2-S2 as they battle it out for title of Highest Team, Highest Male scorer, Highest Female scorer. There will also be 50/50, tricky tray, auctions & more.

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This year as you welcome the new year in, we would like to take a moment to remind you that while many of us will be enjoying fireworks:

Bees can become so disoriented that they’re unable to make it back to their hives. If you see a bee out, please don’t kill it and instead just go about your business.

Birds, like humans, can have panic attacks. Wild animals raising babies abandon their dens in fear. Fish and other animals will eat the fireworks debris.

Companion animals, like our dogs and cats, can experience anxiety and have their own panic attacks.

And the loud sounds and bright lights can cause a sensory overload for our veterans and neighbors suffering from PTSD and other impediments.

Please be kind to all of those surrounding us, from the smallest to the biggest impacters of our environment and community. Strive for patience, understanding, and compassion as we all ring in the new year in our own way.

2022 PDG Association Distinguished Achievement Award.pdf

The January 2022 issue of the Paw Prints Newsletter, the long-running source for District news in 2-S2, was collated by Katy Lion David Greene and Cut & Shoot Family Lion Kayla Argueta. Every month, we collect articles from the District via email and on Facebook. If you'd like to see your club featured in the newsletter next month, please make sure to email on or before February 10th. That's the deadline for the February 15th issue of the newsletter.