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Featured on October 29

District Governor's November Lunch Bite

We are now 4 months into the Lions 2021-22 year and I could not be more proud of the work our Lions in 2-S2 are doing. The community service and District support that each of you provide never ceases to amaze me. I am so impressed with of each one of you. I hope you are continuing to follow the goals on the District Dashboard and can see the progress we are making every single month!

Recently I attended the Zone Meeting of Zone I-1, hosted by Cleveland Lions Club and led by their Zone Chair, Lion Bill Simpson of Humble Noon Lions Club. Lion Bill has done an outstanding job of mobilizing the 10 club zone, developing and communicating goals that directly reflect District goals and building club partnerships. Lion Mike George, President of Dayton Noon Lions Club gave a powerful presentation at that meeting. It is a message that is applicable to each one of us as Lions. As you read his message below, I ask that you remember the I Can We Will theme that we share. This a message that applies to the “I’s” and the “We’s”.

It takes a purposeful attempt by Lions to grow our organization. Recruitment of new, and retention of existing Lions is a priority goal for our District. Not because of increasing numbers on paper, but because it allows for hands, feet and hearts to serve. Membership in Lions Clubs should be enjoyable, entertaining, affordable, and most importantly, provide a sense of purpose and meaning to the members. If all these things are accomplished, we enjoy a stable, growing, sustainable Clubs that will serve communities for years to come.

Enjoyable – Do you as a member look forward to Lion’s Club meetings or do you say to yourself something like, “Oh it’s Lions Club today. I wonder if I will go or not,” Believe it or not, there are many who go through that process and there can be several reasons why, but there is usually one underlying reason.

Are you meeting too often or possibly, not enough? Clubs that meet too often can be a drag on members. Do you find you run out of things to cover during meeting because you just covered it last week and most of the meeting is spent socializing? If so, chances are, you may be meeting too often.

Does your club’s agenda often run over the time set for meetings because you can’t cover everything needed? Maybe your club isn’t meeting often enough. Keep in mind that meetings held too far apart tend to be put on the back burner where priorities are concerned.

Does your club have an atmosphere during the meetings to keep members interests and give them purpose for being there? If not, create one.

Entertaining – Is there laughter, cajoling, and members having fun at your meetings? This can be linked to how active and what kind of tail twister you have. A good tail twister can create entertainment where there is none. Also, interesting programs allows members to learn something new either about Lionism or how Lions can serve their communities in potentially new ways. Loosen up and remember that your meetings and activities can be as fun as you want to make them.

Affordable – This can be a touchy subject but should be reviewed, especially in the light of the impacts of the pandemic. Only your club can determine what is best suited for each individual club, but keep in mind that your dues structure might get in the way of getting new members.

If your club builds in meals to their dues, think about removing that cost and letting everyone cover their own meal cost at each meeting they attend. You may opt for the highest priced item on the menu while someone else may choose a lower priced menu item, or choose not to eat at all and grab something at home before or after, thus allowing them to better budget.

Do you build a budget at the beginning of the year to ensure your dues will cover the expense of local, district and international dues as well as 100% charity donations? Do you allow members options like quarterly dues or is annual dues your only option? Some shifts may be necessary.

Recruitment - New Lions are imperative to a thriving club. They bring fresh ideas, more manpower, new passions and energy. Always keep a membership application on your person, in your car or on your mobile devise (yes… there is a fillable pdf available). Remember, when you meet a new person, always get their business card or contact information so that YOU can follow up with THEM. Have a sentence or two about what Lions do and who we are that you are comfortable with sharing. Ex. “Lions are best known for their support of preventable blindness and recycling eyeglasses, but we do so much more. Lions serve the needs of our local community from A to Z”. Invite them to a service activity or another club’s service activity. This shows them what Lions do and they will want to be a part of that. This prevents their first impression possibly being a boring business meeting.

Always be prepared to win someone to Lionism and you will find that you will try more often.

November-December News from Cy-Fair

Featured on November 6

This is how We Serve

Lions, if your club has a member that you believe is an outstanding Lion that is deserving of recognition and meets the qualifications in the application, please consider having your club submit an application for them for the 'Past District Governors District 2-S2 Distinguished Achievement Award'. The submission deadline is February 15, 2022. Please share!

PDG Association Distinguished Achievement Award.pdf

Leos and Lions!

At the last PSC meeting in December, I announced that we had turned in 94.5 pounds of soda can tabs to the Leo Council in November as a recycling fundraiser. I had forgotten to include the tubs that were taken to the Council by Conroe Noon Leos and Lions. That was another 20 pounds totaling 114.5 pounds!

WOW! This was our districts’ first time doing this with the State Leos as a fundraiser. This was a fantastic showing. I understand that one or two clubs are going to continue to do this as their own fundraiser throughout the year. Way to go!

I don’t have a total from the State Leo Council on how much money was collected as yet. Hopefully they will have a total soon.

Thanks so much for participating! I know Ronald McDonald House Charities appreciates the donations.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Lion Nancy Chesbro

District 2S2 Leo Chair

PDG Ron Landers Bowlathon

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News from Tomball

DG Lisa's December Lunch Bite

Lions of District 2-S2 – We are almost halfway through the 2021-2022 Lions year and I am BEYOND proud of each and every one of you. Your diversity, of personality and culture has led us down a path of involvement and collaboration. Your ability to respect the traditions of Lionism while expanding and creating new traditions with open minds make the future of our organization brighter than it has been in some time. Our hands and hearts and feet (Members) have multiplied and with that have brought in new ideas, new solutions and new opportunities to partner with other organizations and other clubs. I would like to personally thank each one of you that have brought new members to this organization since July 1, 2021. For those of you that have not yet satisfied that challenge, I ask you three things:

1. Who is the last person you spoke with on the telephone?

2. Who is the last person you received a text from?

3. Who is the last person you received an email from?

Now ask yourself – are all three of these people Lions? My guess is at least one is not. Remember not to make the decision for someone else. Maybe you know they have a complex job. Maybe you know they are already involved in other organizations. Maybe you know they have children or grandchildren and time is limited for them already.


Please don’t steal the opportunity for others to join Lions by assuming they will say no. Service should be their choice – not ours – so keep the Lions conversation going. You

can do it! December is quite a busy month for all of our clubs but please remember to share some time with those important to you. You never know how long you will have with them so don’t waste a minute!

As always Be Kind and Do the Right Thing!

Merry Christmas all –

Humble Noon is Rockin it!

The Emerging Lions Leadership Institute is an institute for those that have not yet achieved the position of Club President. It is designed to provide skills that will help them lead their club in the future.


The Halls of Fame

Hall of Fame Requirements for Nominees.pdf

New Year, New Insurance?

Lions Clubs and Districts - Directors and Officers Liability Application_en.pdf

From the Katy Lions Club

The November/December 2021 issue of the Paw Prints Newsletter, the long-running source for District news in 2-S2, was collated by Katy Lion David Greene and Cut & Shoot Family Lion Kayla Argueta. Every month, we collect articles from the District via email and on Facebook. If you'd like to see your club featured in the newsletter next month, please make sure to email on or before January 10th. That's the deadline for the January 15th issue of the newsletter.