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A Message on Kindness, from DGE Lisa Free-Martin

Be kind and be a reason for someone to believe in the goodness of people. Being kind doesn’t just mean that you have to do something major for humanity. Small, random acts of kindness, requiring no extra efforts, no money and even not too much time with major outcome are actually much needed in our daily life. It is something totally free, in your hand, you just have to sprinkle it like water, everywhere to make the people blossom around you.

These little acts of kindness not only make the person receiving it happy but it also leaves a huge positive impact on you. I’ve experienced it myself that an inner peace you feel after helping someone is something you can never feel in anything else in this world. You may be the only bright light in someone’s day!

So give someone a compliment. Let the car merge in front of you. Open the door for someone. Let the person with 3 items in their grocery cart go ahead of you. Smile when you answer the phone (people can hear it). Tell a mom or dad that they are doing a great job. Sprinkle kindness like water and watch it grow before your eyes.


Next P&S Meeting:
May 5th

TLC goes virtual!

Read all about it! TLC is excited to announce our remote option for Summer Camp 2021: the TLC Times!

In this new program, campers will receive to their home address, a 4-page newspaper that will be filled with fun articles, activities, puzzles, and more written by TLC staff. Articles will have QR codes allowing campers and families to link to a project online to create and engage in. The TLC Times Newspaper will be sent 3 times during the summer, each edition different than the last! Within these deliveries, campers will also receive exclusive stickers, t-shirt iron-ons, and other fun items. Learn more here

Way to go, DG Bonita!

District Governor Bonita Davis was presented with the official Drug Enforcement Administration - DEA pin by KOPE Cyber Lions Founding President Kimberly Haynes. Way to go DG Bonita! #letsgo Hardin Lions Club thank you for lending us your amazing Lion.

Introducing our new Second Vice District Governor Elect, Lion Neil Lander

Hi Fellow Lions,

I am Neil Lander and was recently nominated for and since elected to the District 2-S2 Second Vice District Governor’s position. Since my Lion history was part of my club’s resolution (located on our District’s Website), I thought I would give you a brief overview of my other life.

I was born and raised in Michigan and graduated in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Technical University where literly 25 feet of snow can fall in a season and -40oF can happen. From there, I joined an oil company in sunny, warm Martinez, Ca. It was the start of a wonderful career that lasted over 40 years with most of it based in Houston. However, it did at times present a challenge to my Life-Work-Service balance.

While being on the west coast, it is extremely easy to enjoy outdoor activites with most being at your finger tips. I enjoyed backpacking, skiing, softball and, most of all, distance running. It started with 5-10Ks, but then elevated to marathons. I even had the opportunity and ran the original one that started in Marathon, Greese. One of the key elements that fasinated me with distance running was my ability to do “free wheel thinking” where I solved a lot the problems I faced. It was like shower time on steriods. It is obvious to anyone seeing me today, that I have retired from running. I do enjoy hunting on my lease and timber property, but probably most of all having more time to serve.

Not listed in priority, I do have a wonderful wife, Karen. She is a Veterinarian and still works (probably until 85). This is mostly the reason we have one cat and four resque dogs, one of which is setting on my lap now. Karen and I have done a lot of traveling, but after a fantastic Alaskan Cruise, we have done a lot more cruising….something at one time, we didn’t think we would enjoy. This year, we are taking all necessary precautions to avoid Covid.

Assuming I become elected SVDG for next year, I am really looking forward to continuing my District 2-S2 service. However, one of my severe draw backs, other than not being able to lead a Lion roar, is remembering names after brief encounters. So, please help me out and lets have longer, meaningful conversations to get to know each other and maybe determine how to enhance our service, our communications and our District. Thanks.

Distinguished Achievements... with style

Congratulations Lions Inge Merle and Warner Phelps on receiving their well-deserved Past District Governor's Distinguished Achievement Award at 2-S2 Lions District Convention on Saturday.

And congratulations to Lion Helen Thornton on her election as District 2-S2's Humanitarian Relief Fund Director.

Presidential Medals

DG Bonita Davis is pleased to announce that the Lions Clubs International Presidential Medals have been awarded to Houston Royal Oaks Lions Lion Emee and Houston Unity Lions Club Lion Tina. #letsgo and Let’s Keep Serving!

A Refuge to Find Purpose and Begin Again.

The Warriors Refuge is a 501©3 non-profit Veterans Homeless Shelter, Counseling and Resource/Training Center. I visited the shelter for their grand opening back in December of 2019, but was not able to take a tour that day. I’m so happy I was finally able to do so today with my Houston Lady Lions sisters by my side. I was joined by our IPP Lion Lucy Gonzales, 2nd VP US Army Veteran Lion Tonoa Bond and Director of Veteran Outreach US Marine Lion LaShonda Janice Johnson. We came together to tour the facility in our efforts to expand outreach to the outlying underserved counties by bringing awareness and support to their mission. We truly enjoyed the tour provided by COO Cesar Cantu and their very helpful and humble maintenance lead Kevin who told us he’d “found his purpose” working there. We were so touched by Kevin’s testimony as it brought a tear to all of our eyes including his own. We look forward to working together with The Warriors Refuge to make a positive impact in the lives of our veterans. Please stop by their page to find out more about the critical services this amazing organization is providing our Heroes. -Lioness Debra Marshall from the Houston Lady Lions Click here to learn more

Montgomery Fundraising Success!

MONTGOMERY, TX – Nearly 2 years after its initial planning, the Montgomery Music & Mudbugs Festival went off as a massive success two weeks ago; but the event’s biggest impact came this past Tuesday afternoon.

According to gate counter estimates, over 7,000 people showed up to enjoy live music and fresh crawfish on March 27th; nearly double the expected attendance to the festival. While the day provided hours of family fun for all who attended, the money raised during the live auction and giant crawfish photo ops provided help to a local family in need. Click here to read more

If you missed the convention, you can still catch the highlights at and if you have any pictures, please send them to so he can get them up on the convention page.

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