Becoming a Lion

Lions at at work daily in over 200 countries worldwide serving the needs of their community, country and the world. Membership in Lions is a rewarding experience where you work with others that strive to make lives more enriching.

Becoming a Lions is easy. Follow the steps below to get involved:

1) Find a local Lions Club near you. You can visit our District page by clicking here, and then choose the county where you live. You’ll be directed to that District’s Website, where you can choose a club near you. Or, click our Lions Club Finder here, put in a little information, and the finder will direct you to a local club.

2) Contact your local club. Once you find a club near you, go to their web page or contact them through the district web site and inform them of your desire to become a Lion.

3) Visit a meeting. Most clubs will invite you to their next meeting so you can meet the members in an informal setting, ask questions and fill out your application to become a member.

4) Get Involved! This is the fun part! Start volunteering to help your fellow citizens in your community.