"So your Clubs wants to Incorporate and become a 501c3"

Message from the Legal Division: New Member Benefit Program

I would like to share with you some exciting news about a new member benefit program. Lions Club International (LCI) has developed a successful relationship with CT, the industry leader in legal services. CT currently provides Registered Agent and other services for LCI. Through this relationship we have created a member service that will assist your Lions Club, District or Foundation ("Lions Organization") with incorporation filings, the formation of new Lions foundations and the completion of any other necessary filings at your Secretary of State office at substantial savings.

The services that CT provides are a cost-effective way to manage the business of maintaining your Lions Organization in good standing within the jurisdiction of your state or country. I encourage you to review the information below and to contact CT with any questions or requests. We are happy to bring this new member benefit program to you, and invite you to visit the CT booth at the upcoming USA/Canada Forum in Grand Rapids, Michigan www.usacanadalionsforum.org.

Scott Drumheller
General Counsel & Secretary
Lions Clubs International
Legal Division
1-630-574-5466 ext. 300

Why CT . . .

CT, a Wolters Kluwer business

Since 1892, CT has pioneered the legal and corporate document services industry with innovative products and services. Today, CT is the first choice for organizations seeking a partner with unparalleled experience in corporate governance and compliance. They provide a unique combination of expert knowledge, innovative technology, local presence and commitment.

Registered Agent Services

As many of you are aware, a delay in delivery of critical legal and compliance documents can be costly. These documents are typically delivered to the Registered Agent of record. The Registered Agent of record in some instances has been a former officer or member who has moved or no longer has ties to the Lions club, district and/or foundation. This has resulted in missed responses to legal action or compliance matters. CT is able to provide delivery and tracking of these critical documents.

Naming CT as Registered Agent

All you need to do is call CT at 1-866-331-2303. Any required forms will be prepared and filed on your behalf to name CT as your Lions club, district and/or foundation Registered Agent. As an added incentive for Lions clubs, districts and foundations, CT will waive its filing service charge and absorb all state filing fees associated with the change of agent. Evidence of the filing will be returned to you directly - it is that easy!

Formation (Incorporation) Services

CT will provide all the services to Incorporate your Non-Profit Lions club, district and/or foundation with the Secretary of State and put you in contact with The Foundation Group to assist your foundation with all its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status needs.

Annual Report Services

CT can assist in filing Annual Reports, which are required to maintain your Lions club, district and/or foundation in "good standing" with the Secretary of State. These filings are required in the jurisdictions in which the entity is registered. CT can handle the preparation and filing of these reports for Lions clubs, district and/or foundations.

International Services

For Lions clubs, districts and/or foundations outside of the United States, CT also offers similar services where available. For more information regarding International Services, call the CT International Team at 1-800-428-4685.

Lions Clubs, Districts and Foundations Are Entitled to a Substantial Discount

Each Lions club, district and/or foundation may take advantage of these benefits at a substantial discount off published CT rates! Please refer to the Lions Clubs International/CT Rate Sheet for more details.

All it takes is one phone call

All you need to do is call CT at 1-866-331-2303 to change your Registered Agent to CT or to form a new Non-Profit, incorporated entity or foundation. If you prefer email, CT can be reached at LionsClubs@wolterskluwer.com.